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QIWI VISA Virtual is a perfect payment tool for those who spend a lot of time in an online casino.

Russian players can use QIWI Visa Virtual in almost any gambling online site that cooperates with the Visa payment system.

More than 130,000 payment terminals across the country enable you easily get a QIWI virtual card. After the registration is completed, you will receive an SMS with the number of your virtual card, its validity period, CVV2 code and a card balance. Now you can use it as a full-fledged prepaid card.

Transfer to your balance exactly as much money as you need. Note that a minimum deposit is 300 russian rubles for opening the card. When using other currencies, the exchange rate will correspond to the current rate of the Central Bank plus 1 percent fee.

IWI provides an opportunity to view the card balance online and monitor the latest transactions any time. Another advantage is a free SMS notification for each payment transaction. QIWI has an additional benefit of a convenient technical support, which is available by phone and email.

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