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Ukash is online prepaid payment provider created to meet our need of anonymity. This alternative payment option makes deposits into online gaming resources easy and safe. Financial privacy is completely safeguarded here as no credit card or account number details are required.

Ukash prepaid voucher is easy to buy and easy to use. Ukash-vouchers can be purchased for cash at any point of sale with a sign PayPoint, payzone or e-pay. Vouchers can be used to play on multiple online gambling sites by entering a 19-digit PIN.

General information

Ukash was developed for users who prefer to use cash instead of bank cards in online gambling resources. Indeed, spending Ukash is like spending cash. No registration or personal information is required. If you do not pass the voucher PIN by email or otherwise, your money in Ukash will be completely safe. Ukash is available at more than 420,000 sales outlets in 55 countries around the world.

The advantages

  • Ukash are simply irreplaceable in cases where you need to control your expenses when playing. With Ukash you will not spend more than what you have prepaid.
  • No cards, no fees and other unpleasant things, including registration or waiting periods.
  • No connection to a bank account also ensures that your funds are safe from fraud.
  • Ukash can also be used to make deposits into e-wallets and prepaid cards.

How to use

  • All you need to do is to purchase a Ukash voucher at a local store, a gas station, an ATM or an online store. Then log into an online casino and go to the payment section. When payment details requested, simply enter the 19-digit PIN printed on the voucher.
  • Pay attention to the maximum limits for transactions which are £ 100 / € 150. At the same time it is possible use up to 5 Ukash vouchers.


  • Your private data is safeguarded, as no personal information required.
  • The funds can only be used after entering a unique 19-digit PIN on the voucher.
  • Ukash is officially approved by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom as an authorized e-commerce provider.

Additional information

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