Online casinos with Malta Gaming Authority Licence

Malta is one of the most popular places where online casinos prefer to obtain gambling licenses.

The best online casinos with Malta Gaming Authority Licence

Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta is in charge of licensing and regulation of gambling activities. Shortly LGA is the statutory body that controls the online gambling industry in Malta.

The LGA acts as an effective legislative body that ensures the protection of the gamblers rights, supports a responsible game in a safe environment, ensures the unity of games and gaming devices, and also protects games from criminal activity.

Since 2001 as the Law on Lotteries and Other Games was enforced in Malta, the LGA has got real legal powers and full powers for effective regulation of the gambling industry.

Currently the LGA is considered as a model for gambling regulators around the world and the gambling industry as whole. It is in charge for ensuring transparent information, dealing directly with licensing as well as supporting technological innovations.

Malta gaming authority carries out research on various aspects of the game, issues a wide variety of licenses, exercises control over them, collects taxes from gaming sites and also ensures that the gambling sector contributes to the development of the country.