Euro Online Casinos

Today Europe is the center of the global gambling industry. Online casinos are increasingly implementing the euro currency for payment. At the moment the euro is the most abundant currency in the world wide web. Check out this page for a list of euro online casinos.

Euro Online Casinos

The scandalous ban of US authorities regarding gambling online activities layed an important role on the international gambling market. Almost at the same time in 2005, p Great Britain adopted a law on gambling, which was designed to clearly regulate the activity of gambling online operators in the UK. This, in turn, allowed the British casino operators to enter the international market in a completely new light.

Over the past few years big European online casinos have taken a number of serious steps to comply with all the European and international standards. The European Union law obliges all big international casinos to accept the euro currency for payments (in addition to other mandatory currencies such as pounds sterling and US dollars).

Currently large European online casinos can offer their players a reliable and proven service, which is controlled by a number of organizations, including the gambling commission of Great Britain, Gibraltar, Auburn. However, there are a number of European countries in which the gambling industry is still in development, for example, Spain, France and Sweden.

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