Antigua gambling licensed casinos

Learn about the history of gambling licensing in Antigua.

The best online casinos with the license of Antigua

As 1994 the online gambling became popular among millions of people around the world, Antigua founded a regulatory body issuing first gambling licenses. Antigua also became one of the first jurisdictions for online gambling businesses. Since its debut in the online gambling market, Antigua has enjoyed an excellent reputation, which stands for safe and secure gambling thanks to its strict law and regulations.

Because a significant number of gambling operators preferred to obtain a license here, this strengthened significantly the economy in Antigua. The regulation of Antigua covers all aspects of online games. It has also served as an excellent example for other regulatory bodies around the world. Antigua issues two types of licenses: a license for interactive gaming and a license for interactive wagering.

Antigua requires that online gambling providers follow a strict set of rules, including age limits and warnings about internet gambling addiction. This warning have to be displayed on gambling site in order to apply for and maintain a required license.

After getting licensed the online gambling operator confirms to apply all established rules and regulations. Many of them were introduced to prevent fraud and criminal activity.

A licensing authority is called Antigua Online Gaming Association (OGA). This also deals with disputes resolution between players and online casinos licensed by Antigua. If the issue can not be solved directly by the casino, customer can contact the OGA, which is sure to help.