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Learn more about the legislative framework for casino licensing in Spain.

The best online casinos licensed in Spain

In June 2012 Spain officially opened to the online gambling market. Since then the gambling market of Spain has achieved considerable success, but the way was not easy and simple.

In 2006 Spain enforced the law that allowed interactive sports bets in specialized points of sales and bookmakers stores. At the same time, regional authorities could impose any restrictions that seemed appropriate to them. The Madrid authorities were the first to adopt comprehensive regulations and a law on gambling licensing. If a gaming merchant fulfilled certain requirements, a license was issued without any problems. The authorities of Madrid have also extended the already existing licenses for bingo rooms and casinos.

Finally almost all forms of online gambling have been legalized in Spain. New rules were adopted to control advertising and prevent the activities of unlicensed casinos. Besides the authorities began to apply penalties to persons and businesses which did not observe the law.

Here are some points concerning online gambling in Spain:

  • Separate licenses are required for each single type of gaming. A casino licensed here has to move their servers to Spain, as well as adopt a Spanish domain.
  • Tax rates have been increased from 20% to 25%
  • Gambling business operating without a license, that is illegally, will face strict sanctions, up to € 50 million penalty
  • Spain has separated its poker players from the international poker community following the example of Italy.

Businesses that had been operating in the Spanish gambling market before the law adoption did not fall under the sanctions, but they had to pay special taxes, the amount of which reached several million euros.