Online casino with a United Kingdom (UK) license

Learn more about the legislative framework for casino licensing in the UK.

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The Gambling Commission deals with the licensing of all casinos in the UK. Since its foundation the commission has revolutionized the gambling industry. Along with the European Union, the UK introduced quite a few changes, which ultimately affected the entire gambling business in the region.

The UK and the EU worked closely together, developing and implementing even more stringent rules for the gambling business in order to reduce money laundering and other criminal activities taking place in the online casino world. Gambling operators, that wish to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, have to fulfil a number of requirements listed in the regulatory documents called "Code of Practice" and "License Conditions".

The commission regularly checks all gambling operators for the legitimacy of their activities. In addition, the UK Gambling Commission requires all transactions to be carefully documented, what makes it easy to control and manage any problem situation.

The Gambling Commission of Great Britain issues two types of licenses - licenses for regular gambling and a license for remote games. For example, for sports and horse racing, ordinary licenses are required. Remote licenses are provided to operators of online casinos. In the UK there is no license, which can be used for both online games and for ordinary gambling.

In order to offer online casino games to residents of the UK, operators are required to obtain one of the gambling licenses depending on their business. In fact, every leading member of the company, including top managers, should also get its individual license. There are several types of licenses which are designed for specific staff members of the company.

The main objectives of UK Gambling Commission are following:

  • Protecting children from gambling addiction
  • Ensuring fair and secure gambling
  • Preventing criminal activity