Online casinos licensed by Danish

Danish Gambling Authority issues gambling licenses exclusively to those casinos who operate in strict compliance with the gambling law.

The best online casinos licensed by Danish Gambling Authority

The gambling business in Denmark is regulated by the Danish Gambling Authority, which allocated to the Ministry of Taxes and Duties and are responsible for a number of important tasks. Issuing licenses, checking gambling slot machines, controlling local lotteries and casinos, monitoring the Danish gambling market, as well as licensing and regulation of public poker tournaments are some of its responsibilities.

The Danish Gambling Authority sets its focus on the compliance and fairness guarantee. So it's not enough just to have a license from another EU country. The Authority also monitors the payouts of prize monies.

As the gambling market is shaping the business and gambling authorities in Denmark as well as in Europe, its driving force is the maximization of economic benefits. The new gambling legislation was about to come into force on January 1, 2011, however its adoption has been postponed indefinitely.